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Introducing Fluent Mortgages

To ensure you get the right bridging loan for you, MoneySuperMarket have partnered with Fluent Mortgages and their expert Bridging advisors.

Fluent will need to speak to you regarding your requirements. The below information will help Fluent to contact you with a recommendation or, alternatively, you can give them a call on the number below.

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Before you proceed you must be able to confirm Yes to the following;

You are aware that a bridging loan is secured against an asset. In most instances, this is a property you either own, or intend to purchase.
If you intend to purchase a property, your offer to purchase has been accepted by the seller and you have at least 35% of the value of the property available as a deposit.
If you are refinancing you have at least 35% equity remaining in the property. Example: Property value £100,000, loan amount of £65,000 = £35,000 or 35% equity.
You have an exit strategy to repay the loan e.g. sale of property or a refinance plan agreed.
You can evidence income to demonstrate that you can afford the interest payments on your loan.
You are aware that lender fees and valuation fees are payable.

Your Loan

How much are you looking to borrow?
What is the value of the property you are borrowing against?
What is the purpose of the loan?
How do you intend to repay the finance?

About you

What's your first name?
What's your last name?
What's your address?
What's the best number to call you on?

By clicking on 'Submit' Fluent and its partners will contact you about your Bridging loan and you are agreeing to Fluent’s terms & conditions. You confirm you have read Fluent’s 'data protection & your privacy'.

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