Life Insurance.

For those with a mortgage or children, Life Cover is essential - after all, who could afford to look after them if you were to pass away? Yet, a recent survey suggests many people mistakenly believe it’s too expensive, but cover starts from just £1 a week.

Why take life insurance?

  • Who will provide for your partner and / or children should anything happen to you?
  • Who is the main income earner? How would the family cope with the loss of this income?
  • Do you have a mortgage? If you became ill or worse would your family be in a position to maintain the mortgage and other household bills to keep a roof over their heads?
  • Is your car, tv or mobile phone insured ? Do you think these items are more important than you? What happens if you break?
  • If you had a cash machine in the corner of your living room which printed out £30,000 per year would you have it insured against damage or theft? Well that machine is you!
  • Leave a legacy for your children, deposit for a home, first car or university fees!
  • Considering the points raised, could your family afford to be without insurance should the worst happen?

What can Fluent Mortgages do for you?

  • Save time and money: Relax while the hard work is done for you
  • Find the right policy for you: Tailor your plan to suit your needs and budget
  • Protect your loved ones & home: Ensure mortgage repayments are met, bills, education fees and other expenses are covered. Providing financial security

We understand you want the best for your loved ones - so we work with leading UK providers to bring you great, affordable protection. Please note your health will affect the underwriting of the policy. It is important that you disclose all past and present health issues.

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